Executing Stored Procs via dba_object query

Executing Stored Procs via dba_object query

Post by jeperki.. » Sun, 04 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Does anyone know how to execute a stored procedure as a result from a
query to dba_object?  I would like to use a packaged procedure that
could take package_name, object_name inputs to a cursor querying the
dba_object or all_arguments table and then loop through and execute the

Thanks in advance!

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1. Executing stored procs via send_rpc()


Our client C++ applications currently send requests to execute stored
procedures via the language handler. We are considering converting to use
send_rpc() instead.

The reasoning is based on the following:

When we send the statement to the language handler, it has to parse and
convert the string before executing the stored procedure. If we were to
use send_rpc() then we do the parsing and converting on the client side and
the server simply executes the stored procedure.

However, it seems to me that we have to perform the parsing and converting in
either case. Whether we do it on the client side or whether it is done
implicitly on the server side it still has to be done.

What I would like to know is if any of you have implemented something like
this and if so, which implementation provides better performance.

In other words, is it worth the time and effort to change our code or should
we just leave it the way it is?



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