IA-Cedar Rapids Area-271400--DBA Skills-ORACLE-DB2-DBA and Oracle or DBA and DB2

IA-Cedar Rapids Area-271400--DBA Skills-ORACLE-DB2-DBA and Oracle or DBA and DB2

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Oracle-Administration 8.0/7.3/7.1/ Developer / Migration- PL/SQL Plus, Unix
Shell scripts.
Over 10 years experience in development/maintenance/upgrading IT system.
Oracle database administration and data migration for e-commerce and
development banking applications using Oracle 8.x/7.x on Solaris as well as
Oracle Corporation's fully certified OCP Oralce-8 DBA.
          In the case of  SQL and PL/SQL paper,  performance is appreciated by
Oracle Corporation.
Brainbench(Earlier Tekmetrics) certified Oracle-7 DBA Score 2.91/5.00(Their
beta version DBA papers evaluated before going for public).
Developed/upgraded/maintained banking/commercial applications using MF-COBOL
and UNIX.

RDBMS:          DBA Oracle 8i/8.0/7.3/7.1, Informix, SQL Server 7.0, MS-Access,
UNIFY, Dbase-IV, DB2
Tools:              PL/SQL, SQL Plus, SQL Plus Reports, SQL Loader, exp, imp,
ERWin, Visual Source Safe,
                         UNIX Scripts
Languages:      Visual Basic 6.0, MF-COBOL, Developer 2000
Operating Sys: Sun Solaris 7-Ultra Sparc-II, HP-UX 9.04/10.x, AIX, UNIX, Win NT
 Netware 4, MS-DOS, MVS
Hardware:        Sun Sparc-II, HP-9000, hp-Meteor-PT, IBM-F50, Altos-mini,
Pentium PCs, INET-WAN
Familiar with   : Lotus Notes, Lotus Suites, C, Basic, Pascal, Fortran, Lotus
              PROLOG, LISP, SMALL TALK

Everest Consultancy Services Inc, NJ                                          
        Apr'99- till date
New Horizons Software Inc, Lowell, MA                                          
The Industrial Finance Corporation of India Ltd., Hyderabad, India      
Locknil Electronics Pvt.Ltd., Hyderabad, India                  

Project Details:
Prudential Insurance Corporation Inc.                                          
 Feb'00-Till date
Aim: Database management on unix platforms
Role: (played as on date)
Writing shell scripts.
Co-ordinating with mainframe professionals for the purpose of  integration.
Extracting data from C-Tree.
Monitoring LifePro application.
Hardware: IBM-F50
Software: B-Trieve 1.30, C-Tree 1.98
Operating System: AIX 4.0
Creditex.com (www.creditex.com), Manhattan, New-York, NY          
Aim: Database administration and updating data models.
Database installations on Solaris as well as NT.
Data migration from ftp sites using Dynamic PL/SQL and SQL-Loader.
Helped developers in SQL and PL/SQL problems and making
corrections/analysing in ERWin                generated PL/SQL for Oracle 8
Tuned Rollback segments.
Monitoring IO of database.
Designed the backup strategy.
Designed and implemented the database, tablespaces, tables, indexes and
their storage values (other than default values are used).
Estimated space for 6 months.
6 databases. 1st Solaris (Production database - 1),
                            2nd Solaris (test databases for end clients- 2),
                            3rd NT (development database-1, Test databases for
testers - 2).
Hardware: Sun Enterprise 250 Sparc-II (2), Dell Power Edge 4300, Dell PCs
Software: Oracle 8.0.5 on Solaris, Oracle 8.0.4 on NT, ERWin/ERX 3.5, Visual
Source Safe 6.0
Operating System: Solaris 7.0, NT 4.0, Windows Work Stations

Everest Consultancy Services Inc                                              
Aim: Database Installation, maintenance.
Database installation/maintenance.
Creating and maintenance of database objects.
-- Maintaining  tablespace
-- Estimating space.
-- Maintain datafiles, redo log files, control files
-- Creating/Maintain partitioned tables
---Taking offline backups
---Taking logical backups.
---Taking backups of archived log files.
--- Creating and maintaining  user/schemas
--- Assign/Maintenance of profiles to users
--- Assign system privileges and object privileges to users/roles.
. Migration of data.
Hardware: Digi view, Win
Software:  Oracle 8.x
Operating system:  Windows-NT, UNIX, Win-98/95

Genesis Reservations Inc. (www.netcruise.com), Morris Avenue Union, NJ  
Aim:  Design database, tables, migrate data, enforce security, develop
Data migrated from MS-Access to SQL Server.
Created tables structures.
Prepared document for the new database on SQL Server.
Developed forms and reports using Visual Basic.

Hardware: DELL, Compaq PC
Software: SQL Server 7.0, Visual Basic 6.0, MS-Access
Operating System: Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95/98

Genesis Reservations Inc. (www.netcruise.com), Morris Avenue Union, NJ  
Aim:  Design database, tables and migrate data.
Data migrated from MS-Access to Informix.
Created tables structures.
Prepared document for using Informix database from Solaris UNIX.
Written DOS batch scripts for the team of PERL developers.
Software: Informix, MS-Access
Operating System: SUN Solaris  2.6, Windows 95/98

New Horizons Software Inc, Lowell, MA                                        
Aim:  Maintenance of database in the capacity of Junior Oracle DBA.
Backup and recovery of database.
Updating tables structures and document.
Data migration.
Security maintenance using roles and privileges.
Maintenance of Oracle Unix files using tablespaces.

Hardware: HP-9000, PCs Compaq, and HP
Software: Oracle 7.3, PL/SQL, and SQL Plus
Operating System: hp-ux 10.0, Windows 95

Oracle Database Administration and development          Sept'96-Nov'98  
Client: The Industrial Finance Corporation of India Ltd. (IFCI)
IFCI is a premier financial institute/development bank, which was established
in 1948, having a net worth of more than $5 billion and a network of 15
branches in developed/developing states.
Aim: Administration of Oracle 7.1/7.3 and hp-ux, clients Win 3.11, distributed
environment for Oracle 7.1/7.3 as well as hp-ux.
Design and implementation of back-ups and recovery strategies.
Estimation and maintenance of space. Maintenance of schema/users/roles.
Administration of distributed HP-UX and Oracle environment (15 different
Data migration from COBOL of UNIX to Oracle
Database Tuning.
Ensuring client-server connectivity in star topology.
Writing SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Plus Reports, etc
Running applications are i) Rupee Loan Accounting (Acct), ii) Foreign
Currency Loan, iii) Financial Services Acct, iv) Inter-Branch Reconciliation,
v) Payroll, vi) General Financial Account.
Writing UNIX shell scripts.
Co-ordinate in development of Payroll System.
       --- Designed table structure, screen layouts, process details and
report layouts.
       --- Helped in developing 5 forms and 7 stored procedures.
Co-ordinate in development of Foreign Currency Loan
      --- 15 stored procedures developed using PL/SQL.
      --- Installed database and clients.

Hardware: HP-9000, Hp's METEOR-PT, INET, Pentium PCs
Software: Oracle 7.3/7.1
Operating System: HP-UX, Windows 3.11/95, Netware 4.11

Personal Information System application (PIS)                   Dec'95-Aug'96
Client: IFCI
Aim: To develop a transaction processing system to keep track of inflow /
outflow of cash along with personal profiles of staff and company promoters
Developed over 20 major reports.
Maintenance/Upgradation of System developed below and Co-ordination with
           15 Programmers/Analysts. This is using MF-COBOL and UNIX.
Developed UNIX shell scripts for batch jobs of MF-COBOL programs.
Promoters' details report, loan details report, staff detail report,
Sanction details report were few of the complicated reports developed using SQL
and RPT of UNIFY on UNIX.  
Operating System: UNIX  Software  : SQL and RPT of UNIFY  Hardware : Altos mini

Financial Services Applications Monitoring System (FAM)         May'94-Nov'95
Leader of the project of team size 4.
Designed data entry screens and report layouts.
Created screens relating to promoter's details, project details using
MF-COBOL, taking care of all possible validations.
Completed loan code generators.
Generated sanctioned proposals report for the branch and pending proposal
report for Head Office.
Developed around 10 on-line help menus.
Operating System: UNIX Software : MF-COBOL      Hardware        : Altos    

Payroll System                                                  Sep'92-Apr'94
Designed the 3 data entry screens.
Developed the screens using MF COBOL.
Developed UNIX shell scripts for batch jobs of MF-COBOL programs.
Coded the basic data and transaction-related screens using MF COBOL.
Generated provident fund reports, loan sanction reports using MF COBOL.
Co-ordinate the implementations for 14 different locations.
Operating System: UNIX Software : MF-COBOL      Hardware        : Altos    

Terminal Utilization System (TUS)                              
Client: IFCI
Aim: To generate a machine utility monitoring system.
Created flat files for storing terminal wise, date wise information
retrieved from the system data using UNIX / MF-COBOL.  
Integrated the above files to give effective utilization report using
Developed UNIX shell scripts for batch jobs of MF-COBOL programs.
Conducted unit testing / implementation.
Co-ordinate with 20 Programmers/Analysts for the implementation at various
Operating System: UNIX Software : MF-COBOL      Hardware        : Altos    

Rupee Loan Accounting System                                    Jan'92-Apr'92
As developed, upgraded and implemented 4 modules.
Developed Notice Master maintenance generation and Notice reports.
Generated around 10 reports including complicated reports like master
Coded 15 major screens like outstanding master maintenance and schedule
master maintenance using MF-COBOL.
Developed and coded related menus.
Operating System        : UNIX Software : MF-COBOL      Hardware        : Altos

Foreign Currency Resources and Operations                       Jul'90-Dec'91
Involved in design of database, screens and report layouts.
Completely developed the FCRO lender module.
Around 20 forms designed and coded using Unix/ MF COBOL.
Generated around 20 reports using Unix/ MF COBOL.
Integration of various modules was done.
Generated one comprehensive MIS report and additional adhoc reports.
Designed, developed, tested and implemented the product.
Operating System        : UNIX Software : MF-COBOL      Hardware        : Altos

General Financial Accounting System                             Oct'89-Jun'90
Role            :
Developed and implemented two major modules for the system.
Designed forms relating to the Daybook - sub ledger and ledger using
UNIX/MF-COBOL. Developed the Office directory maintenance and complicated
transactions relating to the sub ledger and ledger.
Generated around 7 related reports using UNIX/MF-COBOL.
Reports include Input Checking.

Hardware        : Altos    Software : MF-COBOL     Operating System     : UNIX

Locknil Electronics Pvt.Ltd.                                                  
Course Evaluation and Record of Training                        Jan'89-Aug'89
Client: SVP National Police Academy, Hyderabad
Aim: System developed to process the course related information of the
Academy whose major activity is to train selected IPS candidates. The calendar
developed was the additional feature of this system.
Analyzed problem areas, designed, tested and implemented the Course
evaluation system.
Designed and developed the Record of training system, then tested and
implemented it at the user site.

Operating System: UNIX  Software        : COBOL  Hardware        : Micro-32

Master of Computer Applications (MCA) from Regional Engineering College in
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications from Osmania University in
Bachelor of Science (Electronics) from Osmania University in Apl'84


1. IA-Cedar Rapids Area-263612--DB2-Visual Basic-ORACLE-DB2,Visual Basic and Oracle

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Company    : Technisource
Website    : http://www.tsrc.net
Job Title  : DB2,Visual Basic and Oracle
Location   : Cedar Rapids Area, IA
Job Type   : Full-Time Salaried
Technisource is an innovative and rapidly growing national contract, consulting
and staffing organization. Technisource has a long list of satisfied clients
and hundreds of high caliber consultants with rewarding careers in the
technical industry. Technisource offers the best solution whether our clients'
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technicians and technical writers.

Will be working on a team to develop enhancements and support for accounting
system. Thi BS or AS degree preferred. Minimum 3-5 years of experience as a
Programmer/Analyst. Most CATEGORY Information Systems DURATION Direct Placement

Travel Required          :None
Educational Requirements :Associate Degree
Required Skills
* DB2
* Visual Basic
Contact Information:
Reference : IA60113

1901 NW 62nd St.,  #401

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309

Phone: 800-940-1111 EXT 237
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