Reports Builder 6i Failing to start on Win2k Pro

Reports Builder 6i Failing to start on Win2k Pro

Post by dpere » Mon, 11 Jun 2001 07:26:19

Well, I don't see anything about this anywhere, but..........

I have a STANDALONE NT machine running 8.1.7, Designer 6, Forms and Reports 6i
with (pick your favorit patch - none, 3a, 5a).....  Machine is 950 MHz, 256 MB
of memory, 58 G of disk...

When I run forms it WORKS FINE.  Designer works FINE (or at least as well as

Running the report builder gets the splash screen for a couple seconds followed
by  the error RWBLD60.exe has generated errors and will be closed.  You will
need to restart the program.  An error log is being created.

Drwatson comes up, and it APPEARS that the only error log is in Dr Watson (which
is appalling to begin with, but that's a different complaint).......

In any case, all Dr Watson shows is an access violation.  

I've DEINSTALLED everything and reinstalled all of developer.  Same result.  

I went back to an old VERSION and installed 6.0 of developer.  Same result.

I created a SEPARATE directory tree and installed developer 6i SEPARATELY from
Designer.  SAME RESULT.

I've had no patch, installed 3a, installed 5a.  SAME RESULT.

I've created a TAR but I figure that's pointless, since I figure they'll blame

BTW:  This SAME machine, with THE SAME standalone configuration has been running
developer for a couple years, prior to the replacement of NT 4.0 with 2K NT...
But according to "everybody" 2k is "MUCH more stable and works PERFECTLY with
Developer 6i" so that cannot be the problem.....

I need SOME kind of idea for getting this thing to work.