OCI Bind/ SQL Select problem, Oracle8

OCI Bind/ SQL Select problem, Oracle8

Post by Roger Loe » Tue, 17 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Need to suggestions re a strange problem I'm having in a program using OCI
calls to an Oracle 8 database.

The SQL statement looks something like this --


All three of the columns are defined in the table as char(), not varchar(),
because leading and trailing spaces are significant.

The target :Zipcode is a 5-byte field, bound to the variable with a length
of 5, and containing a five-digit Zipcode.  The column in the database is
also 5 characters.

The target for :Street is an 8-byte field, bound to the variable with a
length of 8; the data in that field consists of a 4-byte Soundex string and
4 spaces.  The column in the database is char(8) and the field is space

The target for "House is a 6 byte field, bound to the variable with a length
of 5, and containing something like "  25%".  The column in the database is
char(6).  [The purpose of this statement is to find all of the addresses in
a specific Zipcode, on a specific street, and in a specific block, i.e., the
last two digits of the house number have been truncated and replaced by a
single %.]

When executed directly from SQL Worksheet, with single quotes surrounding
the data values, the statement works as planned.  When executed from the OCI
call library, the statement returns NO_DATA.  [The call library interface
works; if I truncate the statement to just the Zipcode part, everything
works fine, but returns rather a lot of records.]





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