migration OAS 4.08 ==> OAS 4.081

migration OAS 4.08 ==> OAS 4.081

Post by Giuseppe De Donn » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

a migration from OAS 4.08 to OAS 4.081 is really poor-expensive?
I couldn't like to reinstall all cartridges and applications!
thank you


Hello Averybody,

I have installed oas 4.081, developer 6/6i and oracle 8.15i on nt
machine, have a probelem starting oas 4.0. Does anybody have an idea how
to configure wrb . The massage is that

Please wait while the command is being processed on host plamen ...
Starting ORB process...
waiting for ORB to be ready...
The command completed successfully on host plamen.
oassrv: Starting wrb service 0
ConfigProvider Server accepting requests...
oassrv: Starting wrb service 1
Log Server is accepting requests now...
oassrv: Starting wrb service 2
PANIC: YS::ERROR::BADFRAME in oassrv at line 66 of

abnormal program termination
OWS-08820: Unable to start oassrv process 'oassrv'.

Initialization Failure- Exiting OAS...

Execute STOP of all the OAS Processes from the OAS Manager

Thank you for cooperation.


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