Help with Reports Summary Columns

Help with Reports Summary Columns

Post by Natx » Mon, 26 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Hi everybody,

I am trying to make a report like the following one.
The report gives a total of libraries everytime Size, Quality or City
Columns change its content. I am triying to use Summary Columns, but I
don't know how. Plase help me with any kind of sample similar .RDF to
that. Lots of thanks.

CITY                 QUALITY        SIZE          NAME
---------               ------------           ------        ---------

New York         Good              Big           Lords Lib.
New York         Good              Big           Peach Lib.
New York         Good              Big           456 Lib.

                 Total New York/Good/Big : 3 Libraries

New York         Good              Medium        Yuy Lib.
New York         Good              Medium        Spand Lib.

                 Total New York/Good/Medium : 2 Libraries

                 Total New York/Good : 5 Libraries

New York         Not VG            Medium         Lords Lib.
New York         Not VG            Medium         Peach Lib.
New York         Not VG            Medium         456 Lib.

                 Total New York/Not VG/Medium : 3 Libraries

                 Total New York/Not VG : 3 Libraries

                 Total New York : 8 Libraries

Los Angeles      Good              Big            G67 Lib.
Los Angeles      Good              Big            Gunq Lib.

                 Total Los Angeles/Good/Big : 2 Libraries

                 Total Los Angeles/Good : 2 Libraries

                 Total Los Angeles : 2 Libraries

                 Total : 10 Libraries


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