Pro*COBOL precompiler info required

Pro*COBOL precompiler info required

Post by Clive Smi » Sun, 07 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Hi folks,

Can anyone point me to any online documentation which lists which
statements the Pro*COBOL precompiler supports, also if there is any
information on the call statements that the precompilation generates I
would be interested in seeing a list of these also.

I have looked on the oracle web site but I cannot find any online
documentation which goes into any detail whatsoever.

As well as posting any replies to this group could you also cc: me via
email as I don't always have time to read all my newsgroups.




1. Does Oracle pro*cobol precompiler support IBMCOB ?

Hi All,

Does Oracle Pro*cobol precompiler (ver 1.8.x) support IBM cobol
compiler on NT?
In Oracle pro*cobol documentation I found it supports MF cobol and
Fijiust cobol.  But I have not got any clue regarding IBM cobol.
If any one of u have come across oracle pro*cobol compiler and IBM
COBOL combination, can u let me know.

thanks in advance.


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