package variable

package variable

Post by bori » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hi everybody.
In the where clause I compare column with the function in package that
return the package variable. What I need to do that Oracle call this
function once (not for all records)?
thanks a lot.

package variable

Post by Thomas Kyt » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

(if that email address didn't require changing)

>Hi everybody.
>In the where clause I compare column with the function in package that
>return the package variable. What I need to do that Oracle call this
>function once (not for all records)?
>thanks a lot.

where column_name = ( select pkg.function_name from dual )

usually does it.  Another variation on that them that typically works is:

select * from t, ( select pkg.function_name PKG_VALUE from dual )
 where t.column_name = pkg_value

(join to the function instead of comparing to it).

In Oracle8i, release 8.1 there are "deterministic" functions (see for example usage) as well.

Also, in Oracle8i, release 8.1 they've added a feature called application
contexts.  See for example uses
of that.  Basically, with an application context -- I can put values into a
named context and then use them in queries.  for example:

select * from t
where column_name = sys_context( 'Name_Of_My_context',
                                 'Variable_I_set_in_context' );

that query will be rewritten in effect as:

select * from t where column_name = :bind_variable

and the sys_context function will be evaluated once per query, not once per row.


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oPKG.LoadFromSQLServer "TBSSDB", "sa", "", DTSSQLStgFlag_Default, , , ,
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oPKG.GlobalVariables("sFileName").Value = Trim(txtFileName.Text)
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