New RevealNet Demo Format

New RevealNet Demo Format

Post by Cam Whit » Tue, 20 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Monday, January 19, 1998

New demos are now available for the following RevealNet products:

* Oracle Administration Knowledge Base
* Oracle PL/SQL Knowledge Base
* DB2/MVS Knowledge Base

The new demos will allow full, unrestricted use of each product for 15 days
following the installation of the software. This comes in response to
numerous requests for a timed demo, instead of our previous demo format -
which allowed for three working sessions.

Thank you for your feedback and your interest.

Best wishes,

Cam White
RevealNet, Inc.
(202) 234-8557


1. TNS/SQL*NET Administration Topics Added to New RevealNet Release

TNS/SQL*Net Administration Topics Added to RevealNet

Over 35 new topics on TNS/SQL*Net management have been added to the 1st
Quarter 97 Update of  RevealNet: Oracle Administration - a MS Windows
knowledge base covering over 2,000 technical topics for Oracle DBAs. Full
details and product demos are available at the RevealNet website

Written by Hugo Toledo, author of Oracle Networking Oracle Press -
Osborne/McGraw-Hill 1996, these topics will cover SQL*Net architecture,
configuration, administration, tuning and troubleshooting issues to help
you solve Oracle Networking problems and design your network for optimum

Other Major Additions in V97.1:

* Sample DBA Certification Exam added to DB*ACE
* X$ Table Layouts and Descriptions added to Visual Dictionary

RevealNet products are updated every Quarter with new technical topics
and material from world renowned authors and instructors. With instant
access to thousands of technical topics with examples and code, RevealNet
helps you solve your problems in minutes, not hours. For full
information, please visit our website,  call (800) 738-3254 or E-mail us

Best wishes,

Cam White
RevealNet, Inc.

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