Designer 2000 - Module Data Diagrammer

Designer 2000 - Module Data Diagrammer

Post by Ronald Hijdr » Wed, 10 Dec 1997 04:00:00

> Hi,
> I am using Designer 1.2. with my Oracle 7.2 database.
> In a multiple form application, I have a transaction form
> which allows the user to only query a base table and update
> a particular field.

> When that form is run, it goes directly to normal mode, and not to
> 'Query' Mode, as required by the business.
> So I added a ENTER_QUERY statement in the When_new_form_instance.

> When that form is invoked after any other transaction,(presumably
> after initializing global variable cg$do_auto_query) it works properly.
> But when it is called straight from the main form, straight after
> starting the application, and queried, it gives a message
> 'variable$do_auto_query does not exist'.

> How can I tell my Module Data diagrammer to generate my form to start in
> Query mode?
> Can somebody help me?.Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Lakshmanan.

In the Preference Navigator you can set AUTOQY ( Auto-query current row
on entry to form ). Default=Y. Maybe setting this preference will help
solve your problem.

Good luck, Ron