MS SQL Server "Developer Edition"

MS SQL Server "Developer Edition"

Post by Andrew Holland » Fri, 02 May 1997 04:00:00

Has anyone used the (new?) Developer Version of MS SQL
Server to development/testing work?  It comes with the
Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise Edition package.

I have a contract to do build an applicaion that will
use SQL Server, and want to setup a development and test
environment on my end to match, but also want to keep
the cost down somewhat. I have had success developing
Oracle based applications using Personal Oracle to
develop and test against...

(respond via email please...)

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I'm using SQL Server 7 (Desktop), accessed via JDK 1.2's JDBC-ODBC
bridge under Windows 98 (both SQL Server and client).

SQL Server 7 has a new datatype, "uniqueidentity." When I try to get
my class to access data from a column of this type (via
ResultSet::getString()), I get an error "Numeric value out of range."
(Other column types work fine, though.) When I examine the metadata
for this "uniqueidentity" column, I see that the type is "-11," which
seems a little suspect.

I'm pretty new to Java (and JDBC) - at this point, I'm not even sure
if this is a problem with my Java code, with JDK 1.2's JDBC component,
with my version of ODBC, or with SQL Server 7. Has anyone else run
into this problem?

                Ethan Shayne

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