Problem: Linking Tables

Problem: Linking Tables

Post by Peter Langsfor » Sun, 29 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I need to add 3 fields from one table and 5 fields from another linked table
(both from the same db) to a form so that the fields are updatable. Can
someone please show me the VB5 code. Do I need to link the tables with code
(I have linked them inside the Access db). Many thanks!!!

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How do I properly link tables from a SQL server in an access database using

I have set up the DSN and tested the connection with success.  The tables
appear to link, but when I open them I get an error in each and every field
(obviously not connecting).  My SQL server and Access database (for the
linkage) exist on separate servers.   I will provide detailed information if

Your help is appreciated.

S. Petrie

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