Importing (Merging) Access Tables?

Importing (Merging) Access Tables?

Post by Rob Goe » Sun, 25 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I have a system where there will be an existing access db with a # of
tables created by another app.  On installation of my vb app in this
existing environment I would like to create some new tables in this access
db, but ideally I'd like to do it by 'merging' some table defs from an
access db that I plan to provide with my setup.

Access 2.0 allows you to Import table definitions into an existing db.  I
do not see this capability in visual basic.  (There is discussion in the
vb tips & techniques on how to attach tables, but not import).

Does anyone have any suggestions how to accomplish this task in a
relatively efficient manner.




Importing (Merging) Access Tables?

Post by Software Development Grou » Wed, 28 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Quote:> Access 2.0 allows you to Import table definitions into an existing db.  I
> do not see this capability in visual basic.  

It's no great loss. At design-time, you can just use Access to import the tables,
and at run-time the Access support for importing from non-Access formats
(like comma-delimited) isn't reliable enough for production code, and
you'd probably need to drop into Basic anyway.

If you're building Access tables from VB, then the easiest way is to use
Access 2.0 and an SQL CREATE TABLE query (NB - not a Make Table query)
You can feed design information into this from hard-coded VB, or INI files,
or whatever (I've even seen it done from System Architect). It wouldn't be difficult
to iterate through the source database's table designs and pull it from there.


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1. importing an excel/access table to a SQL 7.0 table

I want to use the Import -Export wizard in SQL 7.0? I need some
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populate the mandatory fields from some access/excel tables..... how do
I map columns between an access/excel table to a SQL  database table?
BOL doesnt give much information.....I can do it if I export all the
columns to a SQL table. But suppose I have 10 columns in a SQL table and
4 columns in an excel or access do I map the columns
and the rest of the 6 columns should get the default values of the SQL
table...and the first column of the SQL table is an ID which an
IDENTITY....which I want the SQL table to generate sequentially...I get
confused when I come to the DTS Import Wizard's Select Source Tables
Screen ....what does Transform it possible to do this
conversion thru the import wizard or do I have to write scripts with
insert statements......and if I have to write scripts how do I write
insert statements with Values coming from excel/access tables... I dont
know whether I could explain the situation properly...any thought will
be greatly appreciated......I have to do this and I dont know
how...please help.

Thanks, Tania

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