_SLOW_ QueryDef.Parameters call

_SLOW_ QueryDef.Parameters call

Post by Joel Shepher » Sat, 12 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Anyone have some insight into this?

I have a bunch of parameterized querydefs in an Access database, which I
call from a Visual Basic application.

One particular querydef (there may be others, but I haven't identified
them), takes a relatively long time to set its parameter. I.e., for this
querydef, a line like:
  MyQueryDef.Parameters("itm_id") = ItemID

takes about 1/3 second to execute, compared to < 1/10 second for the
other queries I've profiled. Other than the query itself, there is no
significant difference between the "fast" querydef.parameters calls and
the slow ones.

Any ideas?


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I need to call the function because it performs a function that cant be
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Thanks for your help.


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