runtimeerror 3146 ODBC-Call failed

runtimeerror 3146 ODBC-Call failed

Post by uwe Gutsch » Wed, 24 Nov 2010 03:10:53

hello to all

I have the following problem:

A fine at W-Xp running program must now running at W-7 (new computers).
But now there is a runtimeerror 3146
The programm opens an ODBC-conection to a SQL-server using an

The first error wars 3633 can't open MSRDO20.dll. I've included the
MSRDO20.dll into the projectinstaller and installed the programm again.
After this the error is now 3146. The MS-knowledgebase tells: update the
version 1.xx of the ODBC.dll to version 2.xx.
Now I've downloaded the version 2.xx but I do'nt know where the version
1.xx is (I've only found "ODBC32.dll", "ODBCbcp.dll", "ODBCconf.dll" and
so on...).

can anybody help me?



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I'm using ODBC to query an Informix DB.

At any point if a get an error (wrong password, wrong DSN connect string,
wrong SQL statement..),
I get the same error code:

3146 -- ODBC Call failed.

Is there a way to get the right Informix status code/string ?

Note: I'm using ODBC; what about RDO/ADO/RDS...: is it faster ?


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