Error 1500 when installing Visual Age 3.5

Error 1500 when installing Visual Age 3.5

Post by kuhn » Thu, 23 Jan 2003 01:45:43


I got a big problem when I want to install Visual Age 3.5. I receive
an error nr.1500, saying that another installation is still running
although there is no other setup running.
I already got several hints but none of them helped me:
- i tried to install the Windows Installer 1.1 (although i already
installed 2.0) but it didnt work
- i tried to go over
but there was no inProgress folder to delete so this didnt work either

I am helpless now and no one in my company can help me so I hope that
someone of you knows an answer. THANKS!


1. Visual Age 3.5 EJBs with MS Access


For testing purposes I'm trying to get EJBs to use a MS-Access database
within Visual Age for Java 3.5.

I have accessed MS Access via Java Applications and Servlets using the
jdbc:odbc bridge without a problem.

Can anyone tell me if this is possible with EJB's?

I can get VAJ to create my test tables OK - the main problem is when I try
to start the name server.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


Mark Feven

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