VB 3.0, Compatability Layer, and Access Service Pack Question

VB 3.0, Compatability Layer, and Access Service Pack Question

Post by aalb.. » Thu, 24 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Before I do something stupid....

I had MS Access 2.0 installed with MS Office.  I never upgraded the Jet
Engine to 2.5 so I still have 2.0 on my system. (I checked the DLL to make

I just installed VB 3.0 Professional Edition, and the Accompanying MSODK
compatability Layer to use Access database files.

I just downloaded the Accsvc.exe file from microsoft to upgrade my DB
Engine to 2.5.  I HAVE NOT installed it yet (the Service Pack) I'm afraid
that if I do I'll screwed up the order of installation as outline in the
compatability layer documentation.  

Anyone been through this before?  Is it OK to install the Service Pack to
upgrade the engine even though I've already installed the Compatability
layer?  I really want to avoid a configuration hassle...

Any takers?




1. VB 3.0 and the Compatability Layer(Comlyr.exe)

  I have come across a problem when I went to upgrade VB 3.0 Pro. to use the
compatability layer that Microsoft provides.  After I have installed the
Compatability Layer(which by the way goes through wihout a hitch), I tried to
run one of my VB database programs(Which by the way was working before the
  When I go to run the db program, VB stops at the first line that creates a
database object.  For example:  

        Global db As database

This is highlighted and VB reports back an error message "Out Of Memory."  
With 12 meg in ram, and nothing else running (besides Win 95) I am having
trouble believing that I truly do not have enough RAM.  
  Anyway that is my problem in a nutshell.  Does anyone out there know what
is wrong, or where I could get some documentation for the ComLyr program?I
have already gone through the 2 text files it comes with).  Thank you all.

                                                                                -- Chris

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