Runtime Error 3031: Not a valid password

Runtime Error 3031: Not a valid password

Post by RenĂ© Vutbor » Mon, 11 Jun 2001 22:46:15


I'm running VB6.0, and I want to connect to a Access 2000 database through
DAO, using JET (NOT ODBC), but I keep getting this error, though the
password IS correct!

My connection string is:
Set SubDb1 = OpenDatabase(ServerPath & "\shop.mdb", , , "PWD=1234")

Any help would be appreciated!



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        I am trying to execute a query that uses a 'Insert In" statement to
add records from one mdb to the other. The problem is that the mdb in which
i am attepting to insert records in is password protected. hence when I
attempt to execute the query on the database an error is returned:
Error 3031: Not a Valid Password.

I have tired various ways to pass the password in the query along with the
mdb name (e.g " Insert in Test.mdb" [MS Access;PWD=password] ....) the DAO
does not report this as an invalid SQL statment but rather continue
reporting error 3031Not a valid password.

I have looked through MS KB and MSDN. No luck yet.
Any ideas folks ??

Frank Rahman

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