dBase IV and DAO

dBase IV and DAO

Post by Bob Hoyn » Thu, 18 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Has anyone ever used the Jet Engine and DAO in VB 5.0 to upkeep dBase IV indexes.  I have tried to set up the .inf file in the
same directory as the .dbf file, but the system seems to ignore it.

Thanks in advance,

Bob Hoyng


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Hi out there,

I'm new to FoxPro.
I have to migrate abourt 150 FaxPro 6.0 *.dbf tables to MSSQL 8.00

I think, I have to do that in 2 steps:
1 - Convert FoxPro *.dbf to DBASE IV
2 - Import DBASE IV into MSSQL 8.00

I want to do that in a script.

But, I don't know the commands and if this is the right way to do that.

Any suggestions, examples would be great!!

With kind regards,


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