Problem using calculated fields

Problem using calculated fields

Post by K-Kryg » Sun, 23 Feb 1997 04:00:00


I need to make calculations like a sum of two fields. That is quite
easy, but how do I make it so it use decimals ? It makes an
interger-error using strtoint-function.

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1. calculated field using record num in report problem with 4.5 dos

I need to create a calculated field in a report that maps record 1 to 120, 2
to 130, 4 to 140 and so on.  When I try use the record number [#], Paradox
will not accept it and gives me an error message.  The calc'd field should
have looked like this "10*[#]+110" to perform as wished.  It is just the
reference to the record number that is hosing me up.  Any ideas?

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