JLAN Server 3.0 - SMB/FTP/NFS Virtual File Server, Database Filesystem

JLAN Server 3.0 - SMB/FTP/NFS Virtual File Server, Database Filesystem

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JLAN Server 3.0 - Java Virtual Filesystem Server

JLAN Server is a Java based file server implementing a number of industry
standard protocols.

The original JLAN Server implemented the SMB/CIFS protocol that is used
by Windows networking to provide disk and print shares, plus other
network administration and security functions.

Version 3.0 adds FTP and NFS protocol support using the same virtual
filesystem drivers used by the SMB/CIFS server.

The JLAN Server uses a virtual filesystem interface that provides a
standard interface to the filesystem for the various protocols. The
virtual filesystem may be mapped to a real filesystem, or other
repository or media. Several virtual filesystem drivers are included in
the JLAN Server application Jar.

Version 3.0 adds a database based filesystem using JDBC. The filesystem
structure is stored in a database table with pluggable loader classes
used to load/store the file data. Two sample file loader implementations
are included, one uses the local filesystem to store the file data and
the other uses a seperate database table to store the file data in BLOB

A framework is included with the database filesystem for integrating with
other repositiories and devices.

Version 3.0 also adds the 'share mapper' interface that allows virtual
filesystems to be created dynamically depending upon the host, user,
share name etc. The share mapper also supports virtual hosting under the
SMB/CIFS server. A sample share mapper implementation allows a user to
connect to a HOME share that is mapped to their home directory.

A new JLAN Server Programmers Guide is also included in the kit.

JLAN Server has been tested on WinXP, Win2000, NT4, Win98, Linux using
Sun 1.3/1.4, IBM 1.3 and jRockit JVMs.The server has been tested using
WinXP, Win2000, NT4, Win98, Linux smbfs, Mac OS9, Mac OSX and JLAN

A full working demo server application is available from :-

A developer kit and royalty free commercial licence that include the full
source code, 12 months email support and 12 months of updates are also

More details are available at http://www.starlasoft.com.


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