Help Help Help with Crystal report

Help Help Help with Crystal report

Post by Jamil Khat » Tue, 17 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Please I need to desplay a feild from my table in the crystal report
but it does not give the correct data from the correct record

these are my tables and the links between them in the crystal report

        Table1          Table2          Table3

 ----------> Id                 --->      Index   <----------------- Id1
I                          I    
I       Id_name -------- I       Name              Id2 --
I                                                    I  

Where Id2 (Table3) is linked to Id(Table1)
              Id_name(Table1) is linked to Index(Table2)
              Id1(Table3) is linked to Index(Talbe2)

I want to display the name( Table 2) according to Id1(Table3)
and name(Table2) according to Id_name (Table1)
and Id2 is determined according to id1(Table3)

when I created the report I create it with Table 1 as the magoir Table

I put the field name in the detailes section( to desplay the name
linked to id2)  and in the header section  (to display the name linked
to id_name) Everything is fine when I display each field alone at once
but when I display them together I get the name of id(Table1) in the
header as one of the names of Id2(Table3) in the details
Please how can I display both fields


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I have a small problem, and if you know the answer I would really be
thankful for your help.
I have an access database which is called "Client.mdb"
on a form, I displayed a dbcombox for the costumer's name
a textbox for the address
a textbox for the city
a textbox for the state
and a textbox for the zipcode

on all my textboxes and the dbcombobox I have set their Datasource and
Datafield properties to Data1,
when I run the program the information on the first record of the data shows
on the form,

but what I need to do is, when I change the costumer's name on the
dbcombobox (which displays all of the costumer's names on it) I want the
textboxes to show the address, city, state, and zipcode of the costumer I
have choosen,

Thank you in advance,
Enrique G Lugo

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