Index Error - Index out date

Index Error - Index out date

Post by Marc » Thu, 04 Apr 1996 04:00:00

When I open a Tbale, for reindex and pack, sometimes one error occur.

This message appears:  "index out date"

The table not open in exclusive mode.

There're a code for open the table and reindex and pack???

Best regrads..

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Cuando abro una tabla para reindexar, algunas veces me ocurre un

El mensaje es el siguuiente : "Index out date"

Por tanto, no puedo abrir la tabla en modo exclusivo.

Hay alguna manera de volver a reindexar la tabla, y corregir el error.

Muchas gracias,
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  You're not closing your tables before you destroy the form...  --  Before
you destory the form (including the stopping of your app.) make sure you
close the tables...  This will prevent the error from occuring (EVEN if you
have the table set to active when you start your app.)

Jason Wallace
SL Software
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