VB/Foxpro SQL whats the.... Steve Mechler

VB/Foxpro SQL whats the.... Steve Mechler

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Hi guys!!

        Use the Like inside of the Instr() it is optimized to use an index.
Look at VBPJ May or June 95 has a Help tip on the subject.  Also VBPJ July 95
has 43 tips to improve DAO (data access) speed.  

Let me know what happens I'm here to help.

Best of Luck,

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1. Foxpro/Foxbase : Whats the DIFF?

I'm looking for a DBMS tool for my Mac.  I want to develop a
prototype for a system I've been thinking of.

I want to be able to design windows, which have goodies like
scrollable sub windows, buttons, pop-up menus etc. ,
the ability to manage data, that's why I don't like hypercard.
the ability to write scripts for calculations, etc..
Scripting is important, thats why I don't like filemaker.

I've seen the word Foxbase in my mac magazine, but I thought the
dmbs tool was called Foxpro?  My knowledge is limited (obviously).
I used dbaseIII and clipper about 5-6 years ago.  Can you clarify
this for me?

A client server architecture would be nice.  Do these dbms tools
support this concept?  If not, any suggestions.  I want to avoid
using c and xwindows.  That is too technical for me.

I appreciate your expert advice.



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