help for learning programming

help for learning programming

Post by Booste » Mon, 22 Feb 1999 04:00:00


Where can i find the best help for learning programming in visual basic
hope someone can help me

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help for learning programming

Post by Rober » Wed, 24 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Quote:>Where can i find the best help for learning programming in visual basic?

1) Take a class
2) Read from the newsgroup
3) Look for VB websites; some are for beginners and have stuff to read.
4) Read randomly from the Books online and help index.
5) Look carefully at the included samples, and run them.
6) Buy lots of books; I prefer ones from Sam's Publishing.
7) Join a local users group.
8) The depth of your desire will be tested by continual frustration and
feelings of utter stupidity.  Good luck!


1. Can you help me learn programming ?

I know nothing about computer programming but I am eager to learn.

Can any kind soul suggest to me any good, comprehensive book (but for
absolute beginners) to learn how to programme in Visual Basic 4.0 (to move
onto Windows 95 programming) and Visual C/C ++ that include CD-Roms for
online help and such?

Also, can anyone suggest to me a good, comprehensive Dictionary about
programming languages words, idioms, symbols and a good computer games
programming guide ?

Please, give help besides and beyond the "for dummies" series, I am
serious about this.
If you wanna help, go ahead and you're very welcome, otherwise, never mind.

Please, e-mail to  

Thanks a lot,


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