ms dbase driver

ms dbase driver

Post by Bernie Yaege » Tue, 10 Jul 2001 12:02:34

I'm setting up a connection under ado 2.1 to a free table using the ms
dbase driver (ver 4.00.4202.00).  Is there an argument I can pass to a
dsnless connection call or using a dsn that will correct error 94 - ie,
I can't display an empty field.  There does not appear to be a 'Null'
argument, at least I don't see anything when I create a file dsn.

Amy help would be appreciated.


Bernie Yaeger


1. SQL Delete ignored with MS dBASE driver


I am getting inconsistent results from the following delete statement
specified in Visual Basic ver 5. Once in a while it will execute correctly
and delete the record whose number is specified. Most of the time the code
seems to be ignored - no error is returned but the record is not deleted

Tried various syntax changes but nothing I tried worked. Any suggestions?


.Connection = "ODBC;DRIVER={Microsoft 3.01 dBASE PPC};
DATABASE=Macintosh HD:Data Folder"
.Sql = Array(vbLf & "DELETE" & vbLf & "FROM MYTABLE" & vbLf
& "WHERE (REC_NUM= 33)")

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