dBase "Unique" Index Problem

dBase "Unique" Index Problem

Post by Eric Dura » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hi, all.

Have a dBase "Unique" index question:

I'm having a problem with one of my index files.  I'm using dBase tables
(.DBF, .DBT, .MDX) and have one of three indexes (all in a .mdx file)
on a date field using the "unique" and "maintained" selections.

After adding a record, which includes a date, I go to a "search" form where
display the dates (DBLookupListBox) using the unique index (DATEUNIQ) to
the user to select the dates to search (start date, end date).  In the form
have the DATEUNIQ selected and then I open the table.  The component
the dates ok (unique) but the last, and latest, date is NOT displayed.  

Do I have to put something in the form that adds the records (now using
then post) to make sure the index's are indexed properly??

I start the "add" form like so:


Then later after making entries ("finished" button pressed):


Do I have to "open" the index files too??  I have selected "maintained" in
of them when setting them up.

The "search" module opens like so:

DataModule1.Table1.IndexName := 'DATEUNIQ';

When I change the indexname to another index that shows all the dates, it
shows ALL the dates (properly indexed) including the newly added records.
I only want to show the "unique" dates to keep the DBLookupListBox from
becoming crowded.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me??

Thanks in Advance!

Eric Duran, sysop, CMPD_BBS



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