Help needed with MFC dll that uses DAO

Help needed with MFC dll that uses DAO

Post by Spoc » Sat, 22 Jul 2000 04:00:00


I am getting a very very strange error.  Here's a little description of
my situation.
I am running NT4 and I have a C dll that calls an MFC dll that uses DAO.

Here is the code in the MFC dll:

extern "C" BOOL EXPORTED_DLL_FUNCTION  GetSetupInfo(  TCHAR *szDBase)

TCHAR *szData=0;
DWORD cbData=0;
CDaoDatabase QuotaDB;

    /* Construct Connection String */

I keep getting an Unhandled Exception in Test.exe (Kernel32.dll)
0xE06D7363 Microsoft C++ Exception error
after running the last line in the snippet above.

Does anybody have any ideas about this error?

Thanks for any help
Shaun Planiden


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The little problem is this: I'M NOT A C++ PROGRAMMER

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