need programmers

need programmers

Post by prassann » Sat, 05 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I am on the lookout for a Database programmer with a background in SQL
programming...someone who can design and implement a web-based database
using Informix Universal server.

as possible. they will also need to be ready to stay in Singapore of a
period of over 2 years. The requirement is for Pacific Internet , the
company I work for...for a project that I am project managing

Warm regards


1. Need programmer: will pay$

First off, I apologize if this post is off-topic and not acceptable. I
am not a programmer, and have not "lurked" these groups to see what is
appropriate for subjects.
Second, if you wish to flame me, please do so by e-mail as I have
cross-posted to a few comp.lang. groups, and don't wish to interrupt

That being said, I'll get to the reason for this post. (probably saw
the "pay$" part in the header eh...:-)). I *will* pay someone to do
this, but I am NOT rich, and it should (?) be fairly simple. I don't
care what language it's programmed in, as long as it will run on an
IBM compatible. I would prefer GUI, with a simple interface. I would
also prefer giving the money (for the program) to, in this order, 1) a
Canadian, 2) an American, 3) other...
I am Canadian, and would like to "keep it in the family" so to speak.
(Nothing against anyone else, but as a small-businessman in a tough
Canadian economy, I would rather support a "homeboy" first.)

What is the job? (short version)
I have a small (relatively speaking) video store. I am looking for
someone to program a rental program for me. I don't need anything
fancy, just a program to link/update 2 existing database files and
output the results to a third database. Then, to use the third
database as a "check" for the first two databases. (MUCH simplified
explanation, but I'm trying to keep this short). There is *no*
pricing/POS features needed. (I have an adequate system set-up for

The actual program description will be e-mailed to respondents,
(respond to e-mail address in sig) as it's too long to take up more
space in a newsgroup.

Respondents will be e-mailed my complete description.

Qualifications: I don't care if you're professional or amateur, as
long as you can support it til it's working properly.

I am not familiar with the fee structure (if there is one) for custom
programming, but on contact, we can work it out.

This is *not* a scam, or a rip-off, it's a legitimate inquiry for
legitimate services.

Thank you for reading this, and once again, I apologize if this
posting is inappropriate.


Faro, Yukon Territory Canada

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