Documentation on "_30_OpenRecordset()" etc.

Documentation on "_30_OpenRecordset()" etc.

Post by Eberhard Schefol » Sat, 20 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I'm using DAO on plain COM interface level via #import. I refer to DAO35.HLP
as documentation because it's the closest to COM I could find. It is
VB-oriented, but normally the mapping to the #import generated wrapper
classes is quite straightforward.

However, a small number of functions exist in different versions: For
example, I have to use


instead of


if I want to use the parameters as they are documented in DAO35.HLP. (I
think this is somehow due to the addition of ODBCDirect with 3.5.)
_QueryDef, for example, owns the functions


After a few guesses and comparisons with the DAO SDK or MFC-DAO
implementations, I can get it to work as expected, but I wonder: Where are
these differences documented? (How does VB know the difference?)

Thanks for any hints!