MS-Access JDBC-ODBC SQL Problem

MS-Access JDBC-ODBC SQL Problem

Post by rjb » Thu, 21 Sep 2000 04:00:00

I am receiving the following error message from my Java program when doing
an update. Can anybody shed soem light on how I might get around this. the
problem does not occur when I run the program against a Postgres db using

Fatal error: java.sql.SQLException: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access
Driver]Invalid transaction state

I think the offending section of the code is as follows:-



1. Applet, JDBC-ODBC and MS ACCESS and MS SQL server

I am trying to develop an applet to access our database over our
intranet. I can pre-install any JDBC or JDBC-ODBC drivers on the
computer that will use this applet.

It seems to me it is not going to work if my applet wants to access a
MS access database unless I install an application server on the
machine running access.

I know if I use a pure JDBC driver, my applet could access the MS SQL
server provided that my Web Server and my MS SQL server are running on
same machine (without installing application server). But if I instead
use JDBC-ODBC driver, will my applet work? Any one has any successful
story with applet, JDBC-ODBC and MS SQL server?

Is it really true, without installing application server, my web
server and MS SQL server must be on same machine?



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