Need Senior N tier VB developer with Citrix metaframe

Need Senior N tier VB developer with Citrix metaframe

Post by Prade » Tue, 07 May 2002 10:07:41

REQ: Senior N tier VB developer with Citrix metaframe
Skills: Visual Basic v.6 Ntier development, Citrix metaframe
platform-must , SQL 2000 Database, POS (Point of Sale) Apps experience
a must
Duration: 3 mos +
Location: New Orleans, LA
Positions: 2
Others: Citrix AND POS (Point of Sale) are MUSTS

Please send rate / resume / availability to


Vice President - Business Development
Intelligent Decisions Systems, Inc
Fort Lee, NJ
T: 1 206 280 3636
F: 1 425 228 8519


1. Terminal Server, Citrix Winframe, Citrix Metaframe VS. VPN

Background - Network connection to the internet is a full T-1. I'm running a
SQL 7 database with a VB6 front end. All code is written as stored

Problem - I've got a programmer that wants to run our VB app for our remote
clients through VPN. I've currently got close to 20 remote users with 80% of
them with either cable modems or xDSL lines. The other 20% connect via dial
up to the internet at 28.8 to 56k. We currently have a VB app running on a
Citrix WinFrame server (NT 3.51 kernal). Our VB6 executable will change 2 -
4 times a year. It is my opinion that we should continue to use Citrix for
this app for the following reasons:

1.) Speed - it is my opinion that the code will run faster on the WinFrame
server than through VPN.
2.) Updates - even though we only update executable a few times a year, it
is updated in one place. I do not have to send it to the users to update on
their systems.
3.) Remote connection - any user that has access to the internet and a valid
password in the domain can connect.

Can anyone provide me with their opinions on this?


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