Help: Problem reading Access 2.0 mdb from VB3 under Win95/Access 7.0

Help: Problem reading Access 2.0 mdb from VB3 under Win95/Access 7.0

Post by Michael W. Saba » Thu, 04 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I supporting a VB3 application which reads an Access v2.0 mdb for setup
information  using a data control. Under DOS/Win v3.x and Win95 with Access v
2.0, there is no problem.  Under Win95 with Access v 7.0, the application
just dies trying to read the database. I do not know the what error message
was displayed if any, a user encounter this problem running the executable
and an unable to reproduce the problem as we (me and the other support
person) do not have Access v 7.0 installed.

What can I do to support this kind of user setup. Is there a compatibility
layer for Jet v2.0 to Jet v 3.0 compatibility like there was for Jet v 1.0 to
Jet v 2.0?  Is there something I need to change in the Win95 registery to use
the Jet v 2.0 dll first?

It would seen that there should already be an answer to this question as
companies have upgraded their users PC's to newer ones which have
Win95/Office95 installed.  We do not want to tell users that everybody has to
upgrade to Win95 and Office95 but have to still support the DOS/Win v 3.1
users still using Access v 2.0.

Thank anyone for any help they can give.


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Sub Form1_Load()
   Dim dbgExtern as database

   On error resume next
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   label1 = Str$(Err)

end sub


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