RDO-->SQL6.5 GetChunk problems

RDO-->SQL6.5 GetChunk problems

Post by Juli » Fri, 12 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Can anyone shed any light on why I cannot seem to get the GetChunk
method to work with my RDO-->SQL 6.5 connection.
The line of code I have (as per the example in Hitchhiker's Guide to VB
and SQL) is
dim original as string
original = rcStoresReq!ReqDetails.GetChunk(50)
(where rcStoresReq is the Resultset and ReqDetails is the column name)
returns the error "S1109, Invalid cursor position"
What am I doing wrong?


1. rdo-->ODBC-->SQL6.0 (Errors on Addnew, Update)

'  MyConn is an rdoConnection to a SQL6.0 datasource

MySql = "Select * from MyTbl where MyId = NULL"

Set MySet = MyConn.OpenResultset(MySql,rdOpenDynamic,rdConcurRowVer)


MySet!MyId = 1
MyStatus = "A"


'  At this point I generally encounter an ODBC error.

 Attempting to open this table with the Visdata sample application provided
with Visual Basic with recordset type set to dynaset and
 from type set to Data Control yields Error 3072:Can't update. Database or
object is read-only.
 MyTbl has several fields of only int, and varchar type.  Each field has a
constraint of NOT NULL and default of either 0 or ' ' depending
 on type.
 There are no indexes defined nor a primary key defined for the table.
 Interestingly enough,  I am able to circumvent the errors if I define a
primary key for the table.  While this is acceptable for an application
 a few tables (1 or 2) I think it very unweildly for many tables (such as
the 40 I have to deal with).  This is even more so in tables with one to
 I am trying to avoid using MyConn.Execute SQLString because of the long
SQLString that needs to be generated.

If anybody has any explanation or suggestions as to how I can overcome this
problem I would be happy to hear from them.

Tanking you in advance,

Mark Rosario

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