Auto SQL vbx's and SQL builders ???

Auto SQL vbx's and SQL builders ???

Post by Chris Oaklea » Fri, 19 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I have written a *lot* of code to generate sql queries on the
fly. I've got another extension to my application that requires
re-writting a lot of similar code. I'm looking for some other

Having plowed throught the VBxtras catalogue, I've come across
a couple of tools that claim to produce SQL code on the fly.

I need something that will allow me to provide my users with a
SQL builder operating on something like a drag-and-drop model.
It has to be simple and intuitive. (The current situation gives
them list boxes, with select and sort check boxes underneath for
each of the selectable fields.)

Does anyone have any experience with any such tool?


1. VBX, on the fly SQL builder needed

Does anyone know of a add-hoc SQL statment builder VBX for use in a VB front
end application?  I need to give an end user with no sql
experience a method to connect and query the database with sql.  
I have used the query builder that comes with crystal reports 4.0 and like
it very much.  Crystal doesn't offer that functionality to
VB developers but its such a common thing I would guess
that there has to be something out there similar.

Any help or sugestions would be great!
Please e-mail...

Scott Sheaf


Scott Sheaf
The Ohio State University

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