First Normal Form Violation Problem

First Normal Form Violation Problem

Post by Rick Moor » Wed, 07 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I have been given the assignment to write an app against a given database.
The problem is that the database structure violates first normal form.
The "designer" set up a table as follows:

Table Name: Project Detail

Project_Number (Key)
Week_Ending (Key)

The "day o' week" attributes are to hold the time worked.

For those of you that don't recognize it - the "designer" has set up an
array in a relational database.

I have been told that the structure of the table CANNOT CHANGE.

My unfortunate task is to build a function to return the number of hours
worked between two supplied dates. For example, I have return number of
hours worked between Wed, March 31 and Wed, April 7.

BTW Week_ending dates are always a Saturday date.

HELP Please.


1. First Normal Form Violation

Ladies and Gentleman,

A few days ago I was reviewing a database table with the designer.

The issue at hand was the "benfits" of a intended first normal form
violation in the database.

The intent of the table is to track working hours for employees.

The table is an associative entity.

The table layout is (compressed for the purposes of the discussion):

EmployeeID      int     Key
ProjectID       int     Key
Task            int     Key
Activity        int     Key
Deliverable     int     Key
WeekEndDate     date    Key
Billable        char    allow null
Sun             num     allow null
Mon             num     allow null
Tue             num     allow null
Wed             num     allow null
Thur            num     allow null
Fri             num     allow null
Sat             num     allow null
ManagerID       int     allow null

Of course the first normal form violation is the "Sun, Mon, Tue" etc

The designer informed me that the intentional violation is "good because
it speeds up response time from the database."

I thinks he is full of horse hockey.

Any comments? (I realize Manager ID does not identify this record. Too I
think anyone that allowing all those nulls is a pain in the rear.)

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