VB Distributional appl using Access 2.0 comp layer

VB Distributional appl using Access 2.0 comp layer

Post by Derek Sho » Thu, 27 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I have created a database in access 2.0 and designed the user interface
in VB 3.0 prof.  but if i make an executable file and put it  and the
database on another computer it get an error about an incompatable

can someone please tell me if i have to provide the user with cerain dll
files or just what it takes.



1. changinf tabledef on access 2.0 database using vb3.0 pro and comp layer

I'm losing hair faster than I can count on this problem so if someone can
help me I'd really appreciate it.
I'm using vb3.0  (with compatibility layer installed) for this project. I
need to change the fieldsize of a text field in an access 2.0 database.
I've RTFM'ed till I'm blue in the face. It says I can do this if the
database is closed.  How do I access the Fields object if the database is
closed? I've played with code for 3 hours now and no luck. How can I do
this without making a scratch field and copying all the values to it, then
deleting the original field. then recreating it (with a new size) and
copying all the values back then deleteing the scratch field? Their has got
to be another way.

Marty Duplissey
Lone Star Business Systems

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