Error 3426 Please help ASAP

Error 3426 Please help ASAP

Post by David07 » Tue, 08 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Ok, I've got VB 4.0 and I am writing a program for the 16 bit version. I
started to recieve Error 3426 when I try to edit or delete data from my
database. I still can add data. I know I've changed some fields. I've
increased the sizes of 4 fields that are defined as text. I have also
changed one field from a counter to a text field of the same field length.
I have worked on this project of getting rid of this error for a week and
I hope someone can help me with this problem. I know it has to be possible
to change a database after one is written. Please email me or post to this



Error 3426 Please help ASAP

Post by Pete Baxte » Tue, 08 Apr 1997 04:00:00

> I've increased the sizes of 4 fields that are defined as text.

1) Go through the form and diconnect the associated edit box datasource
property one by one until you find the offending control or data field.
2) Make sure the table has valid data !!!
3) Hook up to the Data.Error event and also setup an error handler in
the code that does the update.
4) Look at the DBEngine.Errors collection for what is wrong, as in:
        Dim sErr as string
           For i = 1 To DBEngine.Errors.Count
                sErr = sErr + Chr(13)
                sErr = sErr + Trim(Str(DBEngine.Errors(i-1).Number)) + ": "
                sErr = sErr + DBEngine.Errors(i-1).Source + ": "
                sErr = sErr + DBEngine.Errors(i-1).Description
            Next i
        debug.print sErr

Quote:> I have also changed one field from a counter to a text field of the same field length.

Try the following:

1) Go into Access and set the NewField.AllowNull=False and the
2) Go through the database In Access and replace all null values with
text or put some code in your app to check for it, as in:
         If IsNull(RS![NewField]) then
                RS![NewField] = "!!"          ' or whatever you want
3) Make sure the control allows/handles null text or replaces it (as in
#2) before you update.

The InputPro 2.0 controls from FarPoint do a great job of handling Null
values. They will replace invalid data with valid default values, and
set an IsValid property when the related database field is invalid.  You
might spend the coupla bucks and get it. Check

Hope this helps.



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I have a complex form which deals with three main tables and several
secondary ones.  I'm using VB 5.0 and the dao data control to access all
the tables.  I have many bound controls on the form.

The form is to enter the sale of vehicles to customers.  When "adding",
there will always be a new sale record, but the vehicle and customer
records for the sale may already exist.

I'm getting a 3426 (the action is cancelled by an associated object)
error when I hit the .update for the datprimaryRS.recordset.  The only
information I can find on Microsoft support online doesn't seem to

I only recently added the Begin/Committ Trans stuff, and it did the same

Also, I previously had the vehicle and customer updates after the
primary update.  By the time I got the 3426 error, the records had
already been saved for those two tables, even though my code had not
reached the .update for them.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?


      ' Update customer record if added
    If gbCustomerAdded = True Then
      gbCustomerAdded = False
    End If

      ' Update vehicle record if added
    If gbVehicleAdded = True Then
      gbVehicleAdded = False
    End If

        'Update recordset and set data control position
    With datPrimaryRS.Recordset
      gbFalseMoveMode = True ' position change shouldn't trigger
      .Bookmark = .LastModified
    End With


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