Actually, the time for shit like this is long gone

Actually, the time for shit like this is long gone

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>         Hello,

>       The Time is NOW for you to develop reliable, robust, and secure
> software. Are you tired of programming in a simple text editor? Are you
> ready to step up to the plate and take a swing at programming in a fully
> integrated development environment? Our advanced integrated development
> environment is designed for the  PowerBasictm compiler. Software
> can now be bloat free and just as easy to program as Visual Basic tm
> (MICROSOFT). Come check us out at You will be
> amazed! Thank you for giving us this opportunity to share our e*ment
> with you.

>       Terry Massey
>       UrgentWare
>       President of Marketing and Deployment


1. Please stay after 00:00 AM your local time, then go to

Please help me to test my Java Applets, after 00:00 AM in your local
time, then go to URL at

You will see a vertical bar which should indicates between 00:00 to
00:59:59 AM in your local time.
I can't test my programs accurately unless I change my computer clock
every hour for 24 hours.
Therefore, I would like you do the test for me, and let me know whether
my programs work
correctly. If it not correct, then tell me what's wrong. If you don't
know, please tell me NOTHING!
Thank you very much in advance!

Why we want to teach our babies to walk and talk,
then later we tell them "Sit Down"! "Be Quiet"!?

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