Connect to Access 97

Connect to Access 97

Post by Tony Brow » Wed, 24 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Does microsoft only interface to databases through MFC?  All I am
looking for is a simple exe program.  Something were you do a line
command execution like:

programName arg1 arg2

and the program will cout the record that it matches arg1 and arg2.
This is my first experience with databases so, I am looking for
simplicity over flexibility.  The examples in the help files are a
little more complex than I am looking for, I like to take very small
stages while I am learning something.  Any suggestions would be great.

Tony Brown


1. ODBC timeout when connecting from ACCESS 97 to SQL Server 6.5 (heavy loaded server)


our ACCESS 97 application connects to SQL Server. When retrieving a
large number of records we sometimes get an ODBC timeout.
(maybe due to a heavy loaded SQL Server)
This sometimes makes it impossible to execute the query for quite a
long time (in some cases for several hours !!)

Where can I change the number of milliseconds when ACCESS timeouts the
query ?

May changing the query to ODBC direct or SQL pass through be a
solution ?

Please answer also by email.

Many thanks in advance for your help,

Cheers, Bernd.

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