Package and Deployment Wizard

Package and Deployment Wizard

Post by Giacom » Sat, 13 Jul 2002 01:02:19

After running a pdw for an access distributed database, there is a reference
left somewhere from the compile... example...

..\my\folder\database.mdb  is where the file was compiled

...\program files\install folder\database.mdb  is where the database is

Program thinks database is still on ..\myfolder\database.mdb

Where is this ref coming from and how do I get rid of it?



Package and Deployment Wizard

Post by Giacom » Sun, 14 Jul 2002 18:48:39


Quote:> Hello Giacomo,
> Check out the Setup.lst file created by the PDWizard.
> This lst file should have the file name and the target location.

> Hope this helps.

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I've created my first app with VB6, and now I can't install it!
Package&deployment wizard creates 3 files:,
setup.exe and setup.lst. I've copied those files on CD.
When I start setup.exe on target computer, it says:
   Invalid line in setup information file
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then installation stops.

I've tried on different systems (98/95) and computers, but nothing
changes. I didn't change anything in setup.lst.

Please help !

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