Can we have subdatasheets in a datagrid control ???

Can we have subdatasheets in a datagrid control ???

Post by Vinodh Sridhar » Sat, 03 Aug 2002 02:30:07


   I am developing an application in VB6 using MS Access 2000. I use
datagrid and ado controls fr database connectivity and outputting the
data. I just want to know, whether can we have a subdatasheet fr every
record in the datagrid, like we have in an access table. Thanking in



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I am developing a simulation application in Visual Basic with an ADO data
control connected to an Access database and displaying the data in a
DataGrid control.
I would like the data to be displayed in the DataGrid in sorted order, and
for calculations it is also important that I move through the dataset in
I have set the Sort property of the Recordset to equal the field in the
database which is the primary key.  My program adds new records to the
dataset, but they do not always display in the DataGrid in sorted order and
a MoveFirst event does not always move to the record with the lowest primary
key value.

I also tried to set the index property of the recordset, but got a runtime
error message "Object or Provider is not capable of performing requested

How can I overcome this problem?

Alister Metherell

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