reports("template").report.recordsource HELP

reports("template").report.recordsource HELP

Post by Rand » Mon, 24 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Trying to change the recordsource on a Access97 report in VB5;
The code follows.

   Dim objAccessSend As access.Application
   Set objAccessSend = CreateObject("Access.Application")

      With objAccessSend
         .OpenCurrentDatabase "c:\celpril\dbnov.mdb"
        'This is where I get the error template misspelled or not open
         .Reports("template").Report.RecordSource = "db" & Format(Date - 1)
         .DoCmd.SendObject acReport, "template", acFormatRTF, _

         "Attached report", False
      End With



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