Insert into SQL Server slow, slow, slow...

Insert into SQL Server slow, slow, slow...

Post by Marc Croyman » Sat, 28 Jun 1997 04:00:00


doing a simple insert into an SQL Server database from Visual Basic
takes a long time (about 1 second for 1 insert).

The ODBC driver is version 2.65.0236

The insert is done as follows:

sql = "insert into table (x,y) values (a,b)"

db.execute sql, dbSQLPassThrough

Anyone knows how to speed things up?


Marc Croymans


1. Unique Index gets slower and slower and slower for inserts


If I have a table with a unique index/constraint on a GUID column (which,
includes using it as a primary key), then inserts to the table get progressively
slower and slower as more records are added.

However, if I specify that the index is non-unique, then this slowing effect is
either not noticeable, or not present at all.

Is it normal for the slowing, and is there anything I can do about it, other
than not have the unique constraint on the index?



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