Printing Crystal Reports report help needed

Printing Crystal Reports report help needed

Post by Modo » Sat, 12 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I'm so new to programing that I can't even understand the help files on how
to get my aplication to update and print a report generated in the Crystal
reports that came with VB4.0.
Can someone help me using plain English Please?


Printing Crystal Reports report help needed

Post by Robert Ki » Sat, 12 Oct 1996 04:00:00

In short:

Add a Crystal control to you project
Set its reportname property to "dir\xxx.rpt" (you get the point)
Set its action property to 1

In its most simple form, this will print your report. There may be
other issues relating to DB security, variable selection
parameters,etc. but this should get you going.

Oh, make sure your report is saved with the "Save Data With Report"
option turned off (check the file menu); otherwise your report will
always show the same data!!!!!

Feel free to email me for offline help..... (I had to learn CRW the
hard way, and might as well help spare others the grief!!!)


1. Need help printing LARGE reports with vb3.0 and Crystal Reports

  We are having a problem printing a report for an application
submition program our department has produced.  We are using VB 3.0 Pro
with Crystal Reports 4.5.
  What has happened is that the application program generates
applications which are quite large.  Easily approaching several hundred
pages.  When the entire application was sent, the printer choked on the
report.  It was then decided to break the report down into seperate
sections.  Then each section would be cued seperatly.  This seems like
it should have solved the problem.  However, now we are experiencing
bigger, better problems.
  The main report is now being broken into appoximatly thirty seperate
sections.  Three main sections, each containing several subsections.  The
problem we are having is that the jobs aren't being cued in the proper
order.  When the report is printed the many different subsections come
out in random order.  The problem does not appear to be unique to our
system either, as several of the end users have complained about the
randomness of the output.  This is understandable, as some of the
applications can be quite large, manually sorting them is a nightmare.
Oh, almost forgot to mention the obvious problem of having other print
jobs slip in between application subsections.
  What we are looking for is a way to send this large application in order.
Ideally, without the possiblity of other jobs slipping in during printing.
We'd like to be able to give the end users the ability to print out the
application and send as is, without sorting.  Does anyone have any
experience printing large databases using Crystal Reports?  Can anyone
suggest other programs which might be able to the the job better then
Crystal Reports?  Also, if there isn't a way to send the whole database,
is there a way to make sure that the database subsections are sent in order?
Is the some way each subsection can report that it is finished so the next
job can be cued?

Many thanks,
Steve Brague

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