Urgent help

Urgent help

Post by sha » Sun, 28 May 2000 04:00:00

I have a few questions regarding VB debugging. Answer to any one of the
below is greatly appreciated.

1. Is there a way to let vb highlight the changed values in the watch window
when you step through the code? Just like in VC++, when you are tracing, the
changes values are highlighted.

2. Is there a way to watch the return values or to know if a method is
called successfully or not? I encounter this a problem when calling the
update method of Data1.Recordset.update, the method was called but I don't
know if the update is successful or not, even in the watch window. I have to
use the EditMode property of the Recordset to check. When adding, EditMode
is dbEditAdd and if the update was succesful, EditMode is dbEditNone.

3. Is there a way to step into core codes? Just like in VC++, can I step
into the update method of Data1.Recordset?

4. I am having problems with .update of the recordset, sometimes the update
is successful (that is EditMode is changed from dbEditAdd to dbEditNone) but
sometimes it is not, so I have to trace when the problem is, I am kinda
stuck right now.

Thanks in advance,



my problem is:
on a batch file in Win Nt40 I need close the connection on DBASE , (now i
must use the sybase central )make a backup and open the connection.
please what is the string to close Sybase and after reload Sybase?

Tanks Flavio

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