Will VB 3.0 DLLs Overwrite VB 4.0 (32 bit) DLLs

Will VB 3.0 DLLs Overwrite VB 4.0 (32 bit) DLLs

Post by Shane Schnippe » Tue, 14 May 1996 04:00:00

Our company is currently launching an application written in VB 3.0 .  There
currently exists several other applications within our company written in 16 bit
VB 4.0 and 32 bit VB 4.0.  I was curious as to whether or not all of the 32 bit
VB 4.0 DLLs are named differently then the VB 3.0 DLLs.  Also Would I encounter
any problems overwriting the 16 bit VB 4.0 DLLs.  I do not have VB 4.0 so I
cannot telll if the DLLs are named differently or have different sizes.  The
DLLs that I need to use are:


Thanks in Advance

Shane Schnippel
Application Development Consultant
NCR Corporation
Dayton, Ohio


Shane Schnippel
Application Development Consultant
AT&T Global Information Solutions


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I wrote a collection of procedures in VB 3.0 last year, which work
nicely under VB 3.0.  However, after converting them to VB 4.0 32-bit
version, I'm running into trouble.

I'm aware of case-sensitive function and library naming in VB 4.0
32-bit, but I can't seem to use even the most basic function as in the

Here is some sample code:

'' Declaration in standard module

Declare Function WSQLEXEC Lib "I:\SQLANY50\WIN\WSQLCALL.DLL" Alias
"WSQLexec" (ByVal cmd As String) As Long

" Calling Subroutine

Sub WSQLexec_(ByVal pSQL As String, ByVal pCaller As Variant, ByVal
pDEBUG As Integer)
'' Wrapper for WATCOM HLI function of same name.

Dim nErrorCode As Long
ReDim bytSQL(0 To Len(pSQL)) As Byte

bytSQL = StrConv(pSQL, vbFromUnicode)
nErrorCode = WSQLEXEC(bytSQL)
HaltHLIerror nErrorCode, pSQL, pCaller + "WSQLexec()", pDEBUG

End Sub

The error "can't load DLL" appears when WSQLEXEC(bytSQL) is called.
The DLL is definitely available, but I can't get this to work.

Any help would be appreciated.


- Coral Springs, FL, USA

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