PDF report generator "vienas reports"

PDF report generator "vienas reports"

Post by Robert Hoelle » Sat, 08 Mar 2003 22:24:01

"vienas reports" is a lightweight and affordable PDF report generator for
Java[TM] Web Applications and Java Clients.

Display your SQL query results in PDF files!

Software Modules:
(1) The Report Editor is a Java client application and serves to define the
reports, create ad hoc PDF reports and store the report definitions to XML
(2) The Java API consists of the package ch.vienas.reports containing
classes which may be used by any server or client application
to read the report definitions and to create PDF reports. The PDF output may
be written for example to files or to the HttpServletResponse.
For servlets running under Unix no X server is required.

Data Sources:
- SQL queries
- XML files
- any Java classes which implement the IData interface.

description and downloads at www.vienas.ch/reports