Password problem using Crystal Reports HELP ME !!

Password problem using Crystal Reports HELP ME !!

Post by Jose R. Gome » Sat, 14 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I am working with Visual Basic 3.0 and Crystal Reports 2.0. And this is my

When trying to create a NEW report or verifying the D.B. of an existing one, I
get a message window with title "MS Access open session" (or something similar,
I am translating from the Spanish version) and prompts me for the username and
password. But the Access database installed DOES NOT have a password ( I have to
say that it did have password at the  beginning, but I took it off). Any hints?
Thank you.


1. Using crystal Reports Web to report on SQL database requires password

I am a newbie to both SQL and Crystal Reports 6.0.  I have an SQL 6.5
sp4 database and when I try to access a web report based on this
database I get the following message:

"The report you requested requires further information.
Please provide the following:
Database Logon(s):
                         Server Name: HelpDeskDB
                         Database Name: HelpDeskDB
                         User ID:

Even if I enter the correct password and it still keeps bringing endless
prompt for a password.  How do you set up a web report on an SQL
database where the end users will not have to enter any type of password
to access the database?  I have tried web reports using Access databases
without any problems.  Does there have to be some type of anonymous
account in SQL?  Can you use a trusted connection on the web reporting?

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