new to datasource class/binding collection

new to datasource class/binding collection

Post by SoftSpo » Fri, 12 Jan 2001 03:12:28

I'm on my first project using a datasource class (with ado rs to bind to an
Access 2000 table,  binding my forms' controls using the binding collection.
things work well, but am thinking I should be using a dataconsumer class,
with property let and get statements to validate my fields before updating
to the recordset.

Found within my technical manuals, this example:

-create datasource class, using the GetDataMember Sub to provide access to
-create dataconsumer class, using Set Datasource to provide access to
datasource's rs
-bind form controls to datasource class using binding collection
-bind dataconsumer class to datasource class

Trouble I'm having, is that data from the form goes directly to the
datasource's recordset first, then over to the property let statements in
the dataconsumer. When the user places invalid data in the form control,
(say test in a numeric field), the recordset complains with an error, even
thought the Property let statement corrects the value  from within the
dataconsumer class. (because it occurs afterwards)

Surely I must be going about this whole affair incorrectly, or am I? Where
does one do proper field validation?

Thanks in advance for any help offered.